Dora and Unicorn 👍83%

Dora and Unicorn

Luna Sun Cafe 👍81%

Luna Sun Cafe

Nerdy Girl Makeover 👍78%

Nerdy Girl Makeover

Elsa Maze Adventure 👍70%

Elsa Maze Adventure

Angela Shaving 👍84%

Angela Shaving

Sue Gardening 👍78%

Sue Gardening

Sweet Treats Bakery 👍85%

Sweet Treats Bakery

Burger Shop 2 👍82%

Burger Shop 2

Clumsy Mechanic Laundry 👍86%

Clumsy Mechanic Laundry

Luna Steak House 👍65%

Luna Steak House

Cute Moe 3D Dressup 👍82%

Cute Moe 3D Dressup

Checkers Of Alice In Wonderland 👍77%

Checkers Of Alice In Wonderland

Personal Shopper 👍85%

Personal Shopper

Winx Pixie Clone Capture 👍67%

Winx Pixie Clone Capture

Barbie Care and Cure 👍74%

Barbie Care and Cure

Winx Club Mermaid Layla 👍76%

Winx Club Mermaid Layla

Bright Make-up 👍81%

Bright Make-up

Frenzy Cruise 👍83%

Frenzy Cruise

Kirby Bubble Adventure 👍76%

Kirby Bubble Adventure

Winx Flora Believix 👍72%

Winx Flora Believix

Frenzy Train 👍84%

Frenzy Train

Mia's Burger Fest 👍71%

Mia's Burger Fest

Penguin Diner 👍87%

Penguin Diner

Personal Shopper 4 👍80%

Personal Shopper 4

Beauty Doll Princess 👍83%

Beauty Doll Princess

Diner Chef 2 👍75%

Diner Chef 2

Burger Restaurant 👍71%

Burger Restaurant

Farm Frenzy 2 👍85%

Farm Frenzy 2

Rapunzel Wedding Braids 👍85%

Rapunzel Wedding Braids

Papa's Taco Mia! 👍90%

Papa's Taco Mia!

Pretty Elegant Bride 👍80%

Pretty Elegant Bride

Shelly's Barbie Haircut 👍83%

Shelly's Barbie Haircut

Barbie Truck 👍83%

Barbie Truck

Barbie Transport 👍79%

Barbie Transport

Bride Dress Up 👍82%

Bride Dress Up

Pretty Little Bride 👍82%

Pretty Little Bride

Rescue Princess 👍77%

Rescue Princess

Ice Cream Frenzy 👍81%

Ice Cream Frenzy

Hall Monitor Slacking 👍80%

Hall Monitor Slacking

Dora Riding Motorcycle 👍80%

Dora Riding Motorcycle

The Farmer 👍72%

The Farmer

Huge Burger Cooking 👍83%

Huge Burger Cooking

Hannah Dress Up 👍68%

Hannah Dress Up

Sue Tomato Factory 👍72%

Sue Tomato Factory

Kim's Dressup 3D 👍73%

Kim's Dressup 3D

Pack for School 👍72%

Pack for School

Bratz Kidz Getting Ready 👍74%

Bratz Kidz Getting Ready

Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle 👍78%

Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle

Frenzy Animal Clinic 👍78%

Frenzy Animal Clinic

Toto's Mother's Day 👍76%

Toto's Mother's Day

Dora Parking 👍65%

Dora Parking

Princess Hairstyle 👍77%

Princess Hairstyle

Enchanting Bride Show 👍83%

Enchanting Bride Show

Dora's Star Mountain Mini-Golf 👍82%

Dora's Star Mountain Mini-Golf

Lost Toys Of Mini Lady 👍70%

Lost Toys Of Mini Lady

Dora And Baby Animals Adventure 👍77%

Dora And Baby Animals Adventure

Carolines 👍79%


Frenzy School 👍82%

Frenzy School

Toon Egg Hunt 👍67%

Toon Egg Hunt

Sue's Skateboard 👍71%

Sue's Skateboard

Terrible Triplets 👍70%

Terrible Triplets

Fashionable Hairstyles 👍76%

Fashionable Hairstyles

Barbie Car 👍74%

Barbie Car

Frenzy Mart 👍81%

Frenzy Mart

Tessa's Pizza 👍80%

Tessa's Pizza

Bratz Fashion Designer 👍81%

Bratz Fashion Designer

New Summer Makeup 👍82%

New Summer Makeup

Barbie Tomato Pie 👍74%

Barbie Tomato Pie

Duck Hop 👍80%

Duck Hop

Yura the Hair 👍79%

Yura the Hair

Bingo with Dora 👍74%

Bingo with Dora

Tessa's Hamburger 👍84%

Tessa's Hamburger

Cuti's Diner 👍79%

Cuti's Diner

Barbie Jumpin' Fun 👍68%

Barbie Jumpin' Fun

Sami's Nail Studio 👍83%

Sami's Nail Studio

Little Cutie Hairdo 👍75%

Little Cutie Hairdo

Dress My Pet 👍80%

Dress My Pet

Elsa Magic Rescue 👍77%

Elsa Magic Rescue

Papa's PanCakeria 👍87%

Papa's PanCakeria

Pinky's pickup 👍79%

Pinky's pickup

Frenzy Hotel 👍79%

Frenzy Hotel

Disney Princess Online Coloring 👍79%

Disney Princess Online Coloring

Sue Beauty Machine 👍78%

Sue Beauty Machine

Thrill Rush 2 👍80%

Thrill Rush 2

Show Hair Make Over 👍79%

Show Hair Make Over

Animal Skipping 👍67%

Animal Skipping

Bratz Ice Champions 👍66%

Bratz Ice Champions

Farm Frenzy 3 - Ice Age 👍87%

Farm Frenzy 3 - Ice Age

Frenzy Pizza 👍78%

Frenzy Pizza

Personal Shopper 3 👍75%

Personal Shopper 3

Oti's Cooking Class: Carrot Cake 👍85%

Oti's Cooking Class: Carrot Cake

Sue' s Sandwich Shop 👍71%

Sue' s Sandwich Shop

Barbie Bike Stylin' Ride 👍85%

Barbie Bike Stylin' Ride

Barbie Fantasy Tale - Round Puzzle 👍82%

Barbie Fantasy Tale - Round Puzzle

Cute Hairstyle 👍80%

Cute Hairstyle

Ice Cream Sandwiches 👍88%

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Toto in the Frozen Land 👍82%

Toto in the Frozen Land

Hotdog Shop 👍78%

Hotdog Shop

Kids Ice Cream Serving 👍75%

Kids Ice Cream Serving

Barbie Ride 👍75%

Barbie Ride

Didi Ice Cream 👍78%

Didi Ice Cream

Cute Moe 3D 2 Dressup 👍79%

Cute Moe 3D 2 Dressup

Farm Mania 👍84%

Farm Mania

Frozen Elsa Crown 👍75%

Frozen Elsa Crown

Disney Princess and Friends - Hidden Treasures 👍73%

Disney Princess and Friends - Hidden Treasures

Dora Train Express Game 👍74%

Dora Train Express Game

Papa's Burgeria 👍88%

Papa's Burgeria

Sara's Cooking Class - Garlic Pepper Shrimp 👍80%

Sara's Cooking Class - Garlic Pepper Shrimp

Sugared Jelly Candies 👍73%

Sugared Jelly Candies

Pizza Margarita 👍81%

Pizza Margarita

Kitty candies 👍73%

Kitty candies

Wedding Shoppe 👍77%

Wedding Shoppe

Dora's Cooking in La Cucina 👍79%

Dora's Cooking in La Cucina

Bratz Baby Day Care 👍71%

Bratz Baby Day Care

Cutie Hair Salon 👍80%

Cutie Hair Salon

Penguin Diner 2 👍88%

Penguin Diner 2

Little Red Forest Adventures 👍85%

Little Red Forest Adventures

Bratz Babyz Fish Tanks 👍66%

Bratz Babyz Fish Tanks

Sue Hairdresser 2 👍71%

Sue Hairdresser 2

Barbie Memoz 👍84%

Barbie Memoz

Bratz Babyz Ponyz Styling 👍81%

Bratz Babyz Ponyz Styling

Cooking Show: Steak 👍72%

Cooking Show: Steak

Sue Clothes Maker 👍69%

Sue Clothes Maker

Sue's Math Class 👍75%

Sue's Math Class

Dora Strawberry World 👍67%

Dora Strawberry World

Glamour Bride Dress Up 👍82%

Glamour Bride Dress Up

Dora Rescue Squad 👍76%

Dora Rescue Squad

Modern Princess Prom Dress 👍85%

Modern Princess Prom Dress

Pet Hairstyle Design 👍83%

Pet Hairstyle Design

Baby Hazel New Year Party 👍76%

Baby Hazel New Year Party

Barbie Design Studio 👍85%

Barbie Design Studio

Dora Pet Shop 👍80%

Dora Pet Shop

Beauty Resort 👍84%

Beauty Resort

Hot BBQ Party 👍85%

Hot BBQ Party

Burger Restaurant 2 👍76%

Burger Restaurant 2

Bridal Makeup 👍81%

Bridal Makeup

Cat Around Asia 👍79%

Cat Around Asia

Diner Dash - Hometown Hero 👍87%

Diner Dash - Hometown Hero

Strawberry Shortcake: Fruit Filled Fun 👍75%

Strawberry Shortcake: Fruit Filled Fun

Bomb It 6 👍86%

Bomb It 6

Frenzy Hotel 2 👍87%

Frenzy Hotel 2

Red Riding Hood Quest 👍64%

Red Riding Hood Quest

Fried Chicken Restaurant 👍75%

Fried Chicken Restaurant

Diner Chef 3 👍79%

Diner Chef 3

Little Pony Bike Racing 👍79%

Little Pony Bike Racing

Princess Dressup 3D 👍68%

Princess Dressup 3D

Sue Jewel Maker 👍60%

Sue Jewel Maker

Gorgeous Baby Makeover 👍77%

Gorgeous Baby Makeover

Baby Emma At The Zoo 👍75%

Baby Emma At The Zoo

Ginger Winx Club Pets Recall 👍76%

Ginger Winx Club Pets Recall

Arctic Ascent 👍75%

Arctic Ascent

Dora Saves Map 👍79%

Dora Saves Map

Kim Possible - Drakken's Lair 👍71%

Kim Possible - Drakken's Lair

Dora Mega Memory 👍76%

Dora Mega Memory

Nail Art for My Wedding 👍86%

Nail Art for My Wedding

Design Your Wedding Dress 👍70%

Design Your Wedding Dress

Cooking Cookies 👍78%

Cooking Cookies

Master Pizza Maker 👍83%

Master Pizza Maker

Find The Presents 👍50%

Find The Presents

Dora Barn Activities 👍81%

Dora Barn Activities

Shopaholic : New York 👍80%

Shopaholic : New York

My new room 👍80%

My new room

Hairstyle Design 👍76%

Hairstyle Design

Playing With The Shuttlecock 👍84%

Playing With The Shuttlecock

Barbie Baby Allergy 👍83%

Barbie Baby Allergy

A Sitch in Time 2 👍76%

A Sitch in Time 2

Personal Shopper 2 👍85%

Personal Shopper 2

Strawberry Shortcake's BFF 👍87%

Strawberry Shortcake's BFF

Bride Hair Design 👍75%

Bride Hair Design

Disney Princess Coloring Game 👍82%

Disney Princess Coloring Game

Fanny's Pet Shelter 👍71%

Fanny's Pet Shelter

Doli Surprise Party Cake 👍77%

Doli Surprise Party Cake

Alice Hair Dresser 👍76%

Alice Hair Dresser

Flower Garden Cupcakes 👍83%

Flower Garden Cupcakes

Farm Frenzy 3 👍83%

Farm Frenzy 3

Precious Kitty 👍83%

Precious Kitty

Sue's Theater Make Up 👍74%

Sue's Theater Make Up

Cooking Show: Wontons 👍85%

Cooking Show: Wontons

Cooking Show: Fish N Chips 👍73%

Cooking Show: Fish N Chips

Frenzy Clinic 👍79%

Frenzy Clinic

Top That Deux 👍72%

Top That Deux

Cutie's Hairdressing Salon 👍77%

Cutie's Hairdressing Salon

Dora Perfect Teeth 👍74%

Dora Perfect Teeth

Hospital Frenzy 3 👍85%

Hospital Frenzy 3

Sue The Hairdresser 👍72%

Sue The Hairdresser

KinderGarten 👍75%


Perfect Hairstyle 👍72%

Perfect Hairstyle
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